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Benefits of registering as a member of LA United on our website

Being a partner or member of LA United brings great advantages for Latin American entrepreneurs who have their businesses in the United Kingdom and want to continue growing with the support of other entrepreneurs.

In this article we will tell you about all the benefits you have when you are a member of LA United and in addition to registering on our portal. Additionally, we will mention some processes that are important to have access to all the benefits.

What should I do if I am not yet a member of LA United?

If you are not yet a member of LA United, we invite you to contact us at management@la-united.com, sending us your contact information and the motivation you have for belonging to this select group.

As you could tell, the process is very simple and our team of analysts will study your case in a particular way. If the result of the study carried out is positive, you will be sent the details to enter as a member and the value of the membership.

We invite you to visit our website https://la-united.com/, where you can find all the information about our board of directors, our services, the ethics committee, frequently asked questions, contact information and a lot of useful information for your business and to make the decision to be our partner.

I’m already a member, how do I interact with other LA United members?

As we already mentioned, belonging to LA United has great benefits for your business in the United Kingdom because you can request advice, business loans and networking with the other members of the association.

However, to make interaction with LA United members easier, we have at your disposal a user tool where you can see your profile, manage it and enter the different forums that we have enabled to know private information for members and interact with other partners.

Below we will explain the steps and what you can do in each of the options:

Send your data to create the user with which you will enter the interaction platform.

The first thing you should do is send the following contact information to our email info@la-united.com:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Gender
  • Phone
  • Street
  • City
  • Region
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Business

When you send us this information, our platform administrator will proceed to create your profile in our system with the user data and others that we handle internally:

  • Username. The administrator will make a combination of your data to associate the most suitable username to enter the platform.
  • Password. You will be assigned a temporary password that you must change the first time you access the system.
  • Account status. It is an internal state that determines if you are active or inactive in our system.
  • Membership level. Depending on certain factors that are carried out in the study, you will have an associated level of membership.
  • Access begins. Date from which your access is enabled to enter the membership system.

Once you are created as a new partner on the platform, your username and password will be sent to your contact email so that you can enter the platform.

When you have the access data, go to https://la-united.com/membership-login/ and enter your data:

Remember that the first time you enter the platform, for security reasons, the system will ask you to change your password.

Once you can enter the system, if your access data is correct, you will see the following options:

Forum Option

In the Forum option you will find different spaces for debates where you can participate and get information as an exclusive member of LA United. For example:

Job vacancies

You can make job offers to other members or ask them to spread it among their acquaintances. If you require some qualified personnel for your business, it would be a good option to search first in the community of which you are a part, since mutual collaboration is one of our pillars.

business room

In this space you can do business with other partners. Perhaps you have some services to offer and that other entrepreneurs may require, this space is ideal to make yourself known, grow your business and work on projects with other members of LA United.

LA United Announcements

In this discussion option you will find exclusive communications from LA United for members about business ideas or ideas that have an impact on the community of Latino entrepreneurs who are part of LA United.

As members begin to use this platform for discussion and dissemination of information, other specialized forums will be created for each topic to be discussed, where you can participate and get information.

Option View user profile

In this option you will be able to see the information of your user profile that was created with the data that you sent in the first step. It is only a visualization and consultation option.

Option to edit user profile

In this option you can update or change one or more of your personal data, which you initially sent in step 1 but which are now subject to an update.

The user data that you can modify are: email, password, name, surname, telephone, street, city, region, postal code, country and company name.

As you may have noticed, entering the exclusive platform for LA United members is very simple and you have a lot of benefits making your contacts with other members here, and obtaining relevant information first-hand.

We invite you to become part of our community and to actively participate in the debates that we will open to promote your entrepreneurship and business in the United Kingdom with other Latin American entrepreneurs.

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