Everything you need to know about LA United's New Year's Eve party

The end of the year Gala for the L A United members will finally take place this year, after the party agreed for 2020 will be canceled due to COVID-19. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this party that brings together some of the most prominent entrepreneurs from the Hispanic community in the United Kingdom.

What exactly is the LAU Gala?

LA United has agreed to host a dance every year the last week of November, in part to raise funds and sponsor a charity. The fundraising will be done through an auction with different items ranging from a shirt signed by the winner of the Giro d’Italia 2021 Egan Bernal and luxury accessories among other great surprises.


Everything you need to know about LA United's New Year's Eve party

Can I attend or is it just for L A United members?

The event is organized for the partners that make up L A United Ltd, but you can attend if you are invited by a member of the LAU company or, through your company, as some tickets will be released. Even if you had the cash to purchase a Gala ticket this will not be enough; It will only be possible as long as you represent an organization legally constituted in the British Isles, that way you will have access to the party.

The Gala (or LAU Ball, as it is sometimes called) is a party full of entrepreneurs of Latin origin attended by prominent businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, characters, artists, influencers and Britons related to the community and if you have lucky to be invited by your profile do not miss this opportunity.

If you as an entrepreneur have the opportunity to attend, you will be able to count on an audience made up of dozens of entrepreneurs with whom you will be able to relate and establish contacts for your business purposes.

The gala will begin with a high-profile red carpet where the entrepreneurs will show the outfits they have worn for the night. Because the entire event is exclusive, there will be a lot of media coverage and discussions around the guests. This ‘catwalk’ will easily be the most photographed part of the night and before entering the venue, those attending the ‘Backing’ or Photo Call of the Gala will pose.

The night will continue with the Gala dinner and later the auction, where all attendees will be able to bid; In turn, the entrepreneurs who have stood out leading the different processes in the L A United committees will be rewarded and the characters of the community who with their work have contributed to the development of Hispanics in the British Isles will be highlighted.

Finally, the LAU Gala will feature live music and the presence of a DJ who will liven up the evening with his rhythms and mark the most important night for Hispanic entrepreneurs in the U.K. The Gala will take place on November 27, 2021 at the Royal Lancaster.

Founded over 40 years ago in Seville, Voades was initially running under the name of Telefono de la Esperanza. In 2003, Nancy Liscano, current director, and Ernesto Ortega have taken the initiative to transform the what was once a great social enterprise in Spain into Voades UK, to support Spanish and Portuguese speaking community in the United Kingdom.

In 2020, they provided family counselling to more than 60 families, and in total, participated in more than 40 events with over 4,200 participants from all around the UK.

They trained volunteer specialists are there to support you in unsettling times.

Voades offer help offering free services, activities and workshops to improve emotional health during a crisis.

The main objective of the foundation that L A United Ltd. will support this year is to help Spanish and Portuguese-speaking immigrants in the UK by creating a welcoming environment to foster healthy integration.

Its trained volunteers offer specialized help and emotional support, by organizing events, workshops and activities for greater interaction with the community. The TE ESCUCHAMOS program is at the service from 8am to 9pm for when the community needs it and is an immediate help. Its services benefit all those people who are going through an emotional crisis and need empathic and anonymous listening.


LAU Gala Ball offers a number of unique opportunities for your company to expand your audience and customers and have great media exposure. Each package we offer provides a key business benefit, be it your brand marketing or the public relations that may arise overnight. We will be happy to discuss advertising packages with you further.

Between 350 and 400 guests will attend the Gala Ball, from members of the British Parliament to Latino influencers in the U.K. Hispanic entrepreneurs, plus a core group of high-net-worth personalities.

A place where your brand will show off in front of hundreds of attendees

The Gala Ball will be held at the Royal Lancaster London, Hyde Park’s proud mid-century architectural icon, with breathtaking views of the famous London skyline.

Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY

Your company’s brand at the gala

Your logo on the backing

Your brand will remain in all the photos that the attendees take when they arrive on the red carpet.

Live interview

The most important channel of the Hispanics Express News will carry out a LIVE from the arrival of the Gala with the most prominent characters and the sponsors of the event.

Tickets and sponsorship packages

  • Individual tickets cost £ 144 per person.
  • You can also reserve a table for 10 people for £ 1,440.

Main Sponsor (£ 1,100)

An opportunity to sponsor one of the most iconic events for Latino entrepreneurs in the UK. This sponsorship provides broad brand placement in front of a captive audience of high-net-worth, celebrity and corporate guests and includes:

  • Table in premium position
  • Category exclusivity
  • Table with brand presence at the reception
  • Interview
  • Promo Code of the brand on all tables
  • Special mention for the main sponsor
  • Logo placement on red carpet press boards
  • Logo and brand recognition in all printed communications
  • Promotion through the social media channels of L A United Ltd.
  • Logo recognition in all pre and post event press releases
  • Stand out in all event-related electronic marketing communications.
  • Placement of the mark when taking pictures (Photo Call).

General Sponsor (£ 600). Package includes:

  • Logo placement on red carpet press boards
  • Logo in press announcements
  • Interview
  • Special mention for the main sponsor
  • Promotion through the social media channels of L A United Ltd.
  • Logo recognition in all pre and post event press releases
  • Logo on all printed marketing materials
  • Placing the mark when shooting pictures


You will have the opportunity to offer your brand to dozens of Hispanic entrepreneurs and community leaders who attend the most exclusive Ibero-American party in the United Kingdom.

The directors and owners of the most important Latino companies in the U.K. in one place.

¿Why networking is so important?

Today networking has become an essential aspect. You must develop relationships and connections within your network to have more opportunities to advance your career and you company. Attending meetings and social events hosted by your community and associations is a great way to connect with different people and search expansion.

If you wish to reserve a space at our exclusive Gala party, we invite you to contact our LAU representatives.

Are you interested?

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The hotel opened in 1967 and was initially called “Royal Lancaster”. But where did this name come from? Lancaster is a town in north-west England, with a rich history and home to the influential House of Lancaster – the victorious faction during the War of Roses. Their title and heritage were later inherited and absorbed by the current British monarchy.

To honour Queen Victoria, one of the grand entrances to the Kensington Gardens was thus named “Lancaster Gate”. Starting from the end of the 19th century, the name spread to the nearby area – previously known as “Upper Hyde Park Gardens”. The local underground station on the Central Line opened in 1900, and was named after the area.

The brand new “Royal Lancaster London” hotel crest pays homage to the past by featuring a stylized rose. Why? That’s because the symbol of the House of Lancaster was indeed a red rose!

The hotel’s “Nine Kings Suite” is yet another nod at history, referring to the line of nine English kings that followed immediately after John of Gaunt, first Duke of Lancaster.

On the other hand, the “Westbourne Suite” takes its name from what’s underneath our hotel… the small river Westbourne! Originating in Hampstead Heath, this brook used to flow into the Thames. It entered Hyde Park at what is now the Serpentine – which was formed in 1730 by building a dam across the Westbourne on the wishes of Queen Caroline, wife of George II, to beautify the royal park.

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We are a young company with great interest in linking all those entrepreneurs who have dreams of growth, if you are interested in us, we appreciate you sending an email to: with your personal details, if you are an entrepreneur with the information about your company and what would be your motivation to join our group. We will gladly send you relevant information about the form of income and the value of the membership, as well as updated financial and legal details.


LA UNITED LIMITED is based on the values ​​of mutual aid, responsibility, equality, equity and solidarity among Latin American entrepreneurs who do business in the United Kingdom.




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LA UNITED LIMITED is based on the values ​​of mutual aid, responsibility, equality, equity and solidarity among Latin American entrepreneurs who do business in the United Kingdom.



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